War in Ukraine LIVE: Iran admits having delivered “a limited number of drones” to Russia…

08:28: For Zelensky, Iran continues to lie

Tehran’s confession about supplying “a limited number of drones” to Moscow does not reflect the truth according to Volodymyr Zelensky. “Even by making this confession, they lied,” reacted the Ukrainian president on Saturday evening, accusing Iranian leaders of minimizing the number of drones delivered.

“We shoot down at least 10 Iranian drones every day, and the Iranian regime says it would have given few, and even before the start of the full-scale invasion” of Ukraine, denounced Zelensky. “On a single day yesterday, 11 Shaheds were destroyed. We know for certain that Iranian instructors have taught Russian terrorists how to use drones, and Tehran in general keeps quiet about it.”

kyiv had already claimed several days ago that “around 400 Iranian drones” had already been used against the Ukrainian population and that Moscow had ordered around 2,000.

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