War in Ukraine: kyiv claims to have destroyed a building where hundreds of Russian soldiers were housed, near Donetsk

Ukrainian armed forces say they have hundreds of Russian soldiers killed in a strike carried out in Makeyevka, a town in the occupied territory of Donetsk, on Sunday (January 1st). Vocational school No. 19, where Russians mobilized as part of the military operation in Ukraine were housed, was notably destroyed, according to kyiv, which evokes a balance sheet of more than 400 dead and 300 injured.

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The Russian Defense Ministry later clarified that 63 Russian soldiers had been killed, promising to provide “the necessary assistance and support for the families of the victims.” Several dozen mobilized from the Saratov region died in the strike, said his side the Russian military blogger* Roman Romanov.

According to Daniil Bezsonov, Deputy Minister of Information of the annexed territory of Donetsk, Ukrainian forces used HiMars systems at 00:01. By the way, the manager denounced* the choice to house these soldiers in an unsheltered building, calling for those responsible to be punished. Several military commentators also vented their anger. Igor “Strelkov” Girkin, former commander of the Donetsk forces in 2014, sharply implicated* the high command, accused of having authorized a large concentration of troops and equipment in a place located within firing range of the American HiMars systems.

“After several months of war, certain conclusions have still not been drawn”, commented* Boris Rozhin, military analyst. Even the Deputy Speaker of the Russian Duma, Andrei Medvedev, castigated* an army error: “Placing personnel anywhere in buildings, instead of placing them in shelters, is direct aid to the enemy.”

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