War in Ukraine: in Poland, French soldiers train Ukrainian soldiers

It is a secret place, which opens its doors to the cameras for the first time. In Poland, French soldiers are training Ukrainian soldiers, images from France 2 show on Monday July 10. In a fictitious village, the exercise consists of regaining possession of the buildings occupied by the enemy, un essential street fight to continue the counter-offensive currently taking place in Ukraine. “The way to enter a building, the way to pass in front of a window, to cross a street… All of this may seem extremely simple, but these techniques are taught, demonstrated by French instructors and repeated until the soldiers control them”explains Colonel Benoît, responsible for training soldiers.

The objective is to form a battalion

Since the end of February, 200 French soldiers have been permanently stationed in the camp and thehe objective is to form a battalion, or approximately 500 Ukrainian soldiers, every five weeks. In total, the French army has already trained 5,200 soldiers and wants to reach 7,000 by the end of the year.

France is one of the European countries that trains the most soldiers, particularly in connection with the equipment supplied to Ukraine. On site, the Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu points to armored vehicles rehabilitated for this purpose, in order to “to allow Ukrainian soldiers to train on it”.

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