War in Ukraine: How do soldiers fight against threats from above?

Terror in kyiv on the night of May 28. 40 explosive drones were sent by the Russians on the Ukrainian capital. But all were destroyed by anti-aircraft defense before reaching their target, doing little damage. A civilian killed, but despite this nightmare night, the Ukrainians only speak of the heroes of the night, the soldiers who eliminated these drones. Our teams recently followed one of these units. These men are nicknamed the “guardian angels of heaven”. Night and day, they scan the kyiv skyline and track down the arrival of drones or enemy missiles.

A sophisticated anti-aircraft armada

Russia attacks either with explosive drones, supplied by the Iranians, or with missiles. The Ukrainian air defense destroys these drones with Stingers, for example. But to explode an enemy missile, you need the more sophisticated Patriot system, supplied by the Americans. Or another, delivered by Paris, the Crotale. These Russian attacks nevertheless oblige the Ukrainians to leave their anti-aircraft systems in the cities, whereas they lack them on the front.

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