War in Ukraine: for the Russians, the Ukrainian counter-offensive is a “failure”

Were the Russians prepared for the Ukrainian operations? “We criss-crossed southern Ukraine, and what we saw was that the Russians have fortified the area they control. It’s the same pattern each time: a wide trench, then three rows of triangular concrete blocks“, reports journalist Luc Lacroix on Saturday June 10, live from Skadovsk, an area controlled by the Russians.

Psychological warfare

Another strategy of Russia, to continue to shell the Ukrainian positions, even where the Ukrainian army does not attack, to give him no respite“, adds the journalist. Luc Lacroix also indicates that “the Russian army learned from its mistakes“, in particular by making better use of drones. “At the moment, the Russians are showing a lot of pictures of their successes. They show images of destroyed Ukrainian tanks, but that’s psychological warfare: the Russians never show images of their failures and since the Ukrainians have decided to keep quiet, there is no one to contradict them”concludes the journalist.

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