War in Ukraine: fighting continues in the suburbs of Bakhmout

The France 2 teams followed thea 57th Ukrainian Brigade. These soldiers’ mission is to protect the few square kilometers recaptured from the Russians on the flold north of Bakhmout (Ukraine). These shots are also intended to prevent the Russian army from advancing further. We would like to cut them off”, says the commander. Inside the city, kyiv’s troops control almost nothing, although a handful of Ukrainian fighters are fighting in the ruins.

General exhaustion of Ukrainian soldiers

exhaustion feels Also at the tankers ukrainians. The battle of Bakhmout is their nightmare. Their morale is not the highest. “We get bombed, we have bruises, we experience big shocks, but we have to come to our senses”, explain one of them. The modern tanks are in the rear, in anticipation of the great offensive. The battle for the rubble of Bakhmout is not over, when there have already been 100,000 dead and wounded on the Russian side according to the American intelligence services, concludes Maryse Burgot.

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