War in Ukraine: concern around the Zaporizhia power plant

Has Europe’s largest nuclear power plant been turned into a time bomb? Some buildings still bear the scars of last year. The surroundings of the factory, transformed into barracks, served as an artillery position for Russian bombardments. The Javrilenkova family lives just 5km across the front line. Three times already, they have been targeted. “I’m terrified, I can’t live anymore”says Liuba Javrilenkova.

Four of the six reactors are trapped

The Ukrainian secret service claims that the Russians planted explosives in the plant. For Liuba Javrilenkova, it’s a sign that you have to leave quickly. Can we say that the plant is mined? The mayor of the municipality of Energodar (Ukraine) has a lot of information. Opposing the Russians, he fled and organizes aid to the refugees from Zaporijia. He is still in discreet contact with factory employees who have informed him that four of the six reactors are booby-trapped. Residents expect the worst.

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