War in Ukraine: arms deliveries eagerly awaited by Ukrainian soldiers

Hidden in a corner of the forest in the Bakhmout region (Ukraine), six kilometers from the front line, the artillery unit of the 90th brigade of the Ukrainian army awaits instructions from its hierarchy. Drones are the nightmare of these soldiers, within range of the guns of the Russian army. “We need anti-drone weapons from France”, said one of them. But what they want most is to receive more artillery pieces from their Western allies. “Our channels are wearing out”notes a soldier.

A cannon delivered by the British Army

The unit has an LM118 cannon, delivered by the British army last autumn, and used at full capacity. Captain Igor will join his unit of tankers, who didn’t have the chance to receive new western tanks. They had to be content with Russian models, recovered from the front. Captain Igor implores the Westerners to increase the delivery of materials.

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