War in Ukraine: an escalation in US arms deliveries?

The United States has promised to deliver cluster munitions to Ukraine, while Moscow is accused of using them on the Ukrainian front. From now on, Ukraine will also be able to use it. According to the White House, the decision was taken to support Ukraine in its fight. “It was a difficult decision for me. (…) Ukraine is running out of ammunition, and it is still heavily attacked“, justifies Joe Biden, the American president.

Civilians threatened?

Since the start of the war, the West has several times turned a corner in its arms deliveries: first long-range guns, then heavy tanks, and finally additional air assets, with the supply of combat and pilot training. Cluster munitions contain dozens, if not hundreds, of miniature explosives. These charges, dropped in clusters, hit an area of ​​up to several hundred meters, which Russia denounces in a press release. “Washington will share full responsibility for the deaths caused by the explosions, including those of Russian and Ukrainian children“, To castigated the Russian Defense Ministry.

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