War in Ukraine: an armed group manages to enter Russia

Russian forces say they are shelling the positions of fighters from Ukraine. By broadcasting the images, in the afternoon of Tuesday May 23, the Russian army wants to show that it has regained control and put an end to an unprecedented incursion into its own territory. It all started on the morning of Monday the 22nd. Fighters, wearing the colors of Ukraine, are racing in armored vehicles on the roads of Russia. The operation is filmed by the fighters themselves.

Moscow hits back

The infiltrated men managed to evolve for long hours, in an area close from Belgorod (Russia). Never since the beginning of the war had an incursion into Russian territory been of such magnitude and duration. Moscow has issued an anti-terrorist alert in the region and responded, in particular with combat helicopters. Two paramilitary groups claimed responsibility for the operation, made up of Russians who had decided to fight alongside the Ukrainian army. One of the groups displays a liberal and democratic ideology, while the other draws its origins from the ultra-nationalist movement according to experts.

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