Wanly Florexile surprises with feature films on US platforms

Independent filmmaker Wanly Florexile is showing versatility as an actor, director and producer. His most recent projects: “The Consequence and Infinity” have been well received by critics and celluloid fans.

Wanly Florexile is a talented 41-year-old Haitian film producer based in Brooklyn. He created “The Consequence,” a powerfully poetic story about a Haitian farmer struggling to assimilate into the United States.

“The Consequence” explores the variation in lifestyle and culture as main character Dave tries to navigate the issues. As a farmer in a poverty-stricken town, his struggle is the basis of the film. The death of his wife adds to the suspense, and the involvement of the mysterious voodoo priest fuels the fire. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Wanly’s most recent release was the movie “Infinity” which tells a rags-to-riches story about a young man named Andrew and his dog Infinity who are orphaned by gun violence. After witnessing the death of his parents, Andrew overcomes homelessness by showcasing his musical talents and finds the success he’s always dreamed of in the music business. The film, which is based on a true story, stars actors Wavon Waters and Hector McCoy.

The film that has catapulted Wanly is “Brooklyn Fever”, a production that helped define his career and his ability to include flashbacks and close-ups throughout his work. His film “Love is Blind”, released to select audiences before the pandemic, and which has been selected to participate in film festivals, is based on the story of his life, a modern-day Romeo and Juliet reimagined as an urban thriller.

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