Walmart prepares its own influencer agency

Influencers continue to be one of the most powerful tools for e-commerce when it comes to publicizing their products and getting closer to consumers. Walmart wants to help brands in the management of social networks and alliances with influencers. Something that has been made known by two trademark registries: “Walmart Creator” Y “Walmart Creator Collective”, as shared by the agency Reuters.

In the trademark registration it appears that Walmart Creator will serve to help the retailers and the more than 100,000 sellers who participate in its marketplace to promote their products and services online. The company has a large network of influencers with which it regularly collaborates to promote its products. These influencers They have a huge following on social media (Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok) and recommend all kinds of products with affiliate links to earn money.

Seeking influencers affinity to a brand is not always easy, for this reason, Walmart believes that it can help brands in this task. In addition, by offering this service, it is at the same level as its major competitors, Amazon and Shopify, which already have a similar service.

Influencer advertising is expected to generate $16.4 billion in 2022, according to a report by media company Influencer Marketing Hub.

Influencers and platforms

Amazon has been developing its program with influencers since 2017, Amazon Influencer Program. These through the marketplace can create their own page and customize it to their liking to promote the products that interest them most. This freedom has made the program one of the most famous. However, this year the program generated a great controversy when the company took a group of influencers from its program to Todos Santos, Mexico, to enjoy a luxurious vacation with all expenses paid, when weeks later it announced a loss of quarterly profits of $3.8 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

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In TikTok A boycott has also been launched so that influencers do not promote more products from Amazon or its sellers until the company agrees to comply with the demands of the Amazon Workers Union.

Walmart must be careful with the conditions of its program so as not to fall into the same mistakes as its competition.

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