There are a multitude of supply chain issues these days, so customers are concerned. They do not know exactly if they will be able to make their Christmas purchases. However, for Walmart it is not something new. They have always managed to sell and deliver orders on time at Christmas time. However, this year they are preparing for what may happen.

Walmart to deal with the obstacles that lie ahead, has decided to work with other suppliers to ensure they have the products before the season and move those items within the network as quickly as possible.

“Customers can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to provide the holiday experience they expect and help them get what they need for everyone on their gift list at a Walmart value,” it states Joe Metzger, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Walmart USA

Other actions carried out by Walmart

The company has also carried out other actions to ensure customer loyalty. They have directed the ships to other ports that are less congested. They have used other less conventional transportation methods to avoid delays. They will offer salary investments throughout the year to their supply partner customers, for the effort made. They have expanded the staff to more than 3,000 drivers and will offer about 20,000 permanent positions of work. They have increased the storage capacity of the distribution network, and also the ability to ship orders more quickly. And finally, hire associates to help customers place their orders online or in a physical store.

Walmart believes that the pandemic has caused extensive damage to the population and that this has influenced the customer’s decision to buy. These new initiatives will help the customer to have a pleasant shopping, and, above all, guarantee that their orders will be in abundance before Christmas.


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