Walmart Joins Buywith and Offers Influencer-Led Purchase

Walmart, the American giant, has decided to collaborate with Buywith, live streaming platform, with the aim of offering customers a different purchase made by influencers. These content creators will be able to host live shopping sessions with their followers at Walmart.

“When it comes to Buywith, we actually take the audience on a journey on any ecommerce website,” it states Liel Anisenko, Marketing Director at Buywith.

What is Walmart’s partnership with Buywith really about?

Buywith allows influencers can record live videos with all kinds of products that are sold on the web, such as bags, pants, blouses, etc. Consumers, seeing these direct, will be able to choose the product they want, it is only necessary to click on the garment and it will be added directly to the shopping cart.

This form of business is a very easy and quick to attract consumers, It is for that reason that Walmart has decided to collaborate with said company.

Other collaborations with Buywith

The American giant, Walmart, has not been the only one who has decided to join Buywith. Many other companies have also done it before, as is the case with Zappos, an American online shoe and clothing retailer, with the same goal as Walmart, increase your sales thanks to the recognition and popularity of influencers.

Walmart and live shopping

It was last year that Walmart joined Facebook to launch a campaign called: “Joy. Completely”. The aim of this was to encourage live broadcasts, and also to offer customers a different way to see the products they want through augmented reality. The same happened with TikTok, where he tried his first live purchases.

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