Walmart improves the digital shopping experience of its customers

One of the main times of the year for retailers is approaching and Walmart is improving the digital shopping experience of its customers for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas. As he has stated Brock McKeel, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Ecommerce, “The goal is for shoppers to have fast, frictionless, engaging and affordable shopping experiences. personalized that save them time, money and make buying on our portal as easy as buying in one of our stores».

Throughout this year, Walmart has improved his website and its apps adding new features:

  • virtual queue: Online customers will keep their place in the virtual queue for the most in-demand items during Black Friday events, while continuing to make other purchases on the web. The chain will offer them all the necessary information so that they know when they are in line, the estimated waiting time and how long they have to pay for an item. It will also hold your place in multiple queues at once in case you are looking to purchase several different high-demand items.
  • Last minute payments: they can choose to ‘shop now’ on most items, specifically for a last-minute gift or quick buy-back.
  • Most viewed and purchased items: they will be able to access the most viewed and purchased items in their search results, thus helping them to quickly locate popular products or discover new items. Plus, they’ll know how many people are currently viewing the item and how many have the item in their carts, so they can be sure to get it before it’s sold out.
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Identification of discounted products

“We know that our customers come to us for value and that is more important than ever during the holiday season. In a recent survey, 78% of shoppers said that inflation is going to have a big impact on their Christmas shopping, leading them to move ahead. That is why we want to make sure that they will find Big offers on our website»has pointed out McKeel.

To do this, the chain will identify with a green label the items that are in offer reviewing the discounted price, so that will maximize customer exposure to those offers through multiple touchpoints in the journey from home page to order confirmation.

Personalized experiences

Also, recently, Walmart has expanded its new role of augmented reality ‘Watch in your home’ on over 200 TVs in your iOS app. As a result, customers can now virtually see how a TV would fit in their home before they buy it.

Another innovation is a new online function that suggest clothes and accessories (among an assortment of 8,000 items), allowing customers to create a complete set. “Each digital enhancement helps us create a faster, more engaging and personalized experience. The closest store to our client is in their pocket»concluded the director of Walmart.

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