Walmart approaches Amazon in its leadership as a reference search engine

Walmart gains prominence among US consumers as a reference search engine. According to him Consumer Trends Report Q1 2023 of Jungle Scoutthese consumers are turning more and more to Walmart, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to find out and make purchases online. On the contrary, Google is no longer the reference search engine and, together with amazon and facebookhas lost share in the first quarter of the year, compared to the same period last year 2022.

Despite the fact that Amazon continues to be one of the main options for searching and purchasing products online, the percentage of consumers who choose Amazon has decreased from 63 to 56%. By your side, Google It has also registered a drop from 46 to 42%; and Facebook from 26 to 20%. On the opposite side, the share of Youtube it has risen from 24 to 25%; instagramfrom 18 to 19%; TikTok, from 14 to 19%; and Walmartfrom 31 to 37%.

In its battle against Amazon recently, Walmart announced a large investment in its ecommerce to renew its appearance and make it more attractive. “Walmart’s new home page features larger photos, live video and a social media-inspired scroll so customers can browse our selection just as they would their favorite social media apps.”wrote in a publication Tom Ward, director of ecommerce for Walmart in the United States.

But should Amazon be concerned about these changes? Some American media like Fast Company point out that the redesign comes amid the discontent of some Amazon customers over the increase in Prime fees, which they consider a “chance” for Walmart to capture these customers.

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Additionally, as Walmart expands into ecommerce, last year the company also welcomed 150,000+ third-party sellers on your marketplace, many of which also sell on Amazon. The term ‘Amazon seller’ is often used to refer to third-party sellers (3Ps) whose small businesses and brands generate more than half of Amazon’s annual e-commerce sales. There’s also first-party vendors (1P) who sell their products to Amazon as a seller. Finally, there is Amazon itself. For his part, in Walmartthere are three ways to sell: Own Seller, Third Party Seller, and Dropship Provider. Ultimately, 2023 will continue to be a testing ground as each company executes strategies to reduce their competitive gaps.

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