Wall Street Memes Crypto Presale Raises $100k in First Minutes After Launch , The Next Pepe Coin or Dogecoin?

Raising more than $100,000 in minutes, not every crypto coin can afford it, but Wall Street Memes got it done on the morning of May 26.

The new meme coin was launched in a presale and with the large community already following the project, it didn’t take long for the hype to kick in. With this, some crypto traders are already looking a bit further, is this the next Pepe Coin or Dogecoin?

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Crypto Presale from Wall Street Memes

The crypto presale may have just opened, but let’s take a look at the end of the presale. For this, 30 phases will have to be completed first.

Each phase has its own price and with each new phase that starts, the price will also be slightly increased. If all tokens are sold, the token will cost $0.0337 while you can get it for $0.025 in the first phase.

Each phase has a maximum number of tokens that can be sold, this is 20 million tokens for the first 14 phases. This number of tokens per phase then increases to 100 million tokens in the final phase.

A total of one billion tokens are available for presale from the total stock of 2 billion tokens. The project’s hard cap is $30.5 million, so the presale probably won’t sell out for now.

Meme coin market could use new impulse

Wall Street Memes has been launched at a good time because the meme coin market could use a new impulse. Weeks ago there were big increases in the market when Pepe coin was launched, but things have been quiet for the past few days.

That while it started to look like that just new meme coins who used a meme other than the well-known Doge meme were going to do well. Pepe coin was the instigator, but then coins like TURBO, SPONGE and many more followed.

A new crypto coin that performs well can take the rest of the market with it in this increase and thus have a much larger effect.

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Why Can Wall Street Memes Cause This?

That all the lights seem to be green for the Wall Street Memes token to explode is due to a number of factors. For example, there is a huge community that is immediately interested in the coin and has an airdrop planned.

To participate in the airdrop you need WSM tokens which further increases the demand for the tokens. The airdrop, combined with the fact that the tokens are cheaper to start with, can quickly generate a lot of hype for the project.

If that hype lasts until the presale sells out, the project’s first listing could see a significant price hike. An initial listing means that the token becomes available at one or more crypto exchanges.

From then on, crypto traders can purchase the token even more easily without using a wallet. This may increase demand, but it also provides the first opportunity for presale investors to sell the token.

This means that for the first time a natural rate will arise, which means that the price can also rise.

How do you buy WSM in the presale?

Participating in the Wall Street Memes presale yourself is not difficult, all you need is a crypto wallet and Ethereum, USDT or Binance Coin. You exchange one of those coins for the WSM tokens.

You can do that via the Wall Street Memes website. There you first connect the wallet with the platform and then choose how many tokens you want to buy. To complete the transaction, you still have to provide confirmation in your wallet itself.

The tokens can be claimed from the moment the presale ends. This way you have the tokens in your possession as soon as the token is listed.

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