Wall Street financial advisor LionTree investigates crypto payments

LionTree, the Wall Street financial advisor who helped Amazon among others acquire MGM studios earlier this year, is now researching cryptocurrency payment options.

LionTree & Crypto

LionTree has since created a big name for itself on Wall Street. It is a popular financial advisor and investment banking company. Where it was previously not very open to cryptocurrencies, this position has changed. They are now investigating the possibility of cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

According to the company’s CEO, Aryeh Bourkoff, crypto could be a potential tool to empower individuals. Bourkoff has indicated that he is now exploring some of the major trends in crypto such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Bourkoff said the following:

“In 2021, crypto made it impossible to ignore, with market caps sometimes exceeding $3 trillion. This was most likely because people with more cash than usual were looking for a place to protect their money from inflation and ensure higher returns. Crypto offered a solution here.”

Perhaps the crypto payment option is already close

However, it could just be that the new crypto payment option is already forthcoming. The company could also create its own token. Bourkoff hinted at this by writing the following:

“We are currently exploring various ways to accept crypto as payment for our services, and in the not-so-distant future, as our ecosystem grows and our relationships continue to grow, we may even create our own LionTree token of trust.”

Still, the company will have to overcome some hurdles to enable such payments. For example, Bourkoff believes that the technology should be more energy-efficient and that the emphasis should be on building more user-friendly interfaces. While the technology itself is often praised, it is currently still regularly difficult to use. Something must therefore be done about this.

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Although LionTree is relatively small in size, it has been involved in some hugely significant media partnerships and acquisitions. For example, the company played an important role in the merger of WarnerMedia with Discovery Inc. The financial advisory group was also part of Amazon’s acquisition of MGM Studios. In addition, LionTree Snap Inc. assisted with its introduction on the stock exchange. As a result, it has managed to create a big name for itself.

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