WalkinPitas expects to double its turnover in 2022

WalkinPitas expects to double its turnover in 2022

Despite the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the context of economic recession, walkinPitasthe urban shoe brand of Spanish origin, No has stopped growing in recent yearsboth nationally and internationally. Born in 2016 in Asturias, the company is already established in several international markets: Portugal, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Mexico, in addition to Spain.

2022 is proving to be a successful year for the brand, as it expects to double its turnover compared to 2021, going from 2 to 4 million euros; a growth based on the positive trend of recent years, since in 2021 it also doubled the turnover of 2020.

Looking ahead to 2023, walkingPitas trusts in consolidating international development with the opening of new markets and maintaining the positive dynamics of recent years in terms of turnover, reaching €6 million.

Online sales continue to be a fundamental bet for the company and, although Spain Y Portugal are its main markets, next year it expects significant growth abroad.

Francisco Y John Redfounders of walkingPitasensure that 2022 is being a great for the brand. Not only have we doubled our turnover, but we have also managed to establish ourselves definitively at an international level. In Europe we are evolving at a spectacular rate, especially in Italy, which is our best market, and entering Mexico represents a very important challenge to grow in Latin America. In just six years we have exceeded our best forecasts and we hope to continue along the same lines in the coming years”.

Between September 18 and 20, the company will participate in the Micam-Milanthe reference fair for the footwear sector.


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