Walking and earning crypto: now even easier with Apple Pay

STEPN is a so-called move to earn crypto app that runs on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Through the Web3 application, users can download the native Earn GMT and GST tokens by moving. To give the move-to-earn movement an extra boost, STEPN has now announced that it has integrated Apple Pay for in-app purchases.

Purchase NFT with Apple Pay

By buying a non-fungible token (NFT) sneaker you can eventually start earning crypto. The new integration with Apple’s payment service allows users to use their credit card to purchase required NFTs. As a result, users are no longer forced to connect a crypto wallet for purchasing in-game assets – a move that can create a barrier for players to join the ecosystem.

Shiti Manghani, chief operating officer from STEPN, said the following about the new integration:

“It is very prestigious and a privilege to be approved by Apple for such an integration. This large platform gives us exposure to a wider audience. Our effort has always been to diversify and expose both the app and Web3, and the benefits it can bring to audiences that are not just limited to the Web3 community.”

According to Jerry Huang, the co-founder of Find Satoshi Labs (FSL), the company behind STEPN, the hybrid operation between Web2 and Web3 is a useful way to get more users on board the ecosystem.

In November, Find Satoshi Labs rolled out its native NFT marketplace MOOAR, allowing users to purchase in-game items directly within the application.

STEPN users

According to analytics platform Dune STEPN managed to reach a total of 705,452 monthly active users in May 2022. The public beta version of the Web3 lifestyle app was launched in December 2021. In just a few months it managed to grow enormously in terms of the number of active users, but after the milestone of 700,000 was passed, a persistent downward trend started. The counter is now just below 30,000, which means that this metric has dropped by almost 96%.

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