Good morning! Tonight is the first press conference of the new cabinet about the corona measures. And employees of Heineken breweries are going on strike.

First the weather: especially in the center and south there will be fog this morning. During the day it mostly remains gray, only in the north the sun breaks through every now and then. It will be 4 to 8 degrees.

Are you hitting the road? Here you will find an overview of the activities. View the rail timetable here.

What can you expect today?

What did you miss?

Employees of British Prime Minister Johnson celebrated two farewell parties at the Prime Minister’s residence the night before Prince Philip’s funeral, the British newspaper The Telegraph reports. At that time, the United Kingdom was in a period of national mourning. Strict corona measures were also in force in the country, whereby the British were not allowed to come together for social activities, among other things.

At the two get-togethers on April 16, 2021, government officials said goodbye to Johnson’s head of communications and his personal photographer. A total of about thirty people were present, who danced and drank until late into the night, The Telegraph writes based on eyewitnesses.

The prime minister himself was not there, his spokesman told the newspaper. He had left for his country house the day before.

Prime Minister Johnson has been under fire for weeks for alleged parties by government employees during the lockdown. An investigation is underway into reports of at least seven drinks in which government employees allegedly violated the corona rules.

Other news from the night

And then this:

An illustration that 25-year-old Nigerian medical student Chidiebere Ibe shared on social media has caused a stir online. In early December, he unsuspectingly posted one of his illustrations of a black-skinned fetus. People responded on Twitter that they hadn’t seen an image of a black-skinned fetus before.

Now Ibe has been invited to do more illustrations like this in a medical textbook. Because, according to the author of that book, that attention on Twitter stands for something bigger: whoever opens a medical textbook now mainly sees images of bodies with a white skin. That has to change, according to both the author of the book and Ibe herself.

Good day!


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