Waiting for Oppenheimer: Why Tenet is Christopher Nolan’s Best Movie

THE July 19, 2023, Christopher Nolan arrives with a new historical film on the inventor of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimeralong with its five-star cast: Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Florence Pugh, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr, Rami Malek, Alex Wolff…Three years after the dangerous exit of tenet in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic and frustrated by the underrated score of his spy film, Nolan left the ship Warner to join Universal Studios.

Despite its “event” film appearance, tenet will only have reported $363 million in revenue for a non-marketing budget of 205 million. Add to that the prominent advertising given the multiple reports and you will get an obvious conclusion: Tenet will have caused Warner to lose money. We are talking about $50 million in losses. The reasons are very simple: Health protocols drastically reduced the presence of spectators in theaters and curfews did not allow evening sessions. Many cinemas in the United States had also closed their doors.

Nevertheless, Christopher Nolan delivers an impeccable film that touches the heights. tenet is a bit of a compendium of all the filmmaker’s latest productions which gives us a surprising 2h30 moment of cinema suspended in time by throwing a lot of iconic scenes at us. The viewing of this film in cinemas fitted out especially for the experience further reinforces this immersion. tenet takes us into a much crazier science of cinema thanInception, Interstellar, Memento and consorts by a real work of image and sound. Only downside: the slightly borderline scenario, requiring the viewing of tenet 3-4 times before grasping the ins and outs.

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Waiting Oppenheimer, Tenet is a very great film to discover (or rediscover) history of waiting. To back up our point, our review of the film is available here. Our more in-depth analysis of the feature film is available here.

Here is the official trailer for Oppenheimer.

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