Wagner Group: a permanent quest for economic interest

On the Wagner militia, we know above all tens of thousands of Russian mercenaries, especially on the Ukrainian front. But their boss is in fact at the head of a sprawling economic empire, a multinational with figurehead companies run by his lieutenants. They are established in dozens of countries, they are accused of monopolizing resources. They make hundreds of millions grow. A man from nothing who became one of the richest oligarchs and closest to Russian power.

25% of profits from oil wells in Syria

“We must never forget that Evgueni Prigojine, he got out of eight years in prison and he started selling hot dogs in the street. He is an entrepreneur, a self-made man at the head of hundreds of companies and who has extremely lucrative contracts with the Russian administration which allows him to have a continuous and significant basic income”, explains the author of the documentary “Wagner, Putin’s shadow army”, It would operate in about twenty countries. Where he intervenes, economic interests are never far away. Syria is one of the most profitable countries. For each oil well secured, He would recoup 25% of the profits. It is said that to spot the presence of Wagner in a country, one must observe the comings and goings of Russian geologists. A sign that the businessman has sniffed out a new bargain.

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