Wages could increase in 2022, study finds

According to the annual survey by consulting firm Deloitte, in 2022, after two years of health crisis, wages could increase.

Since the start of 2020, the salary of around one in two workers (45%) has remained stable and, among them, 30% have benefited from an increase of less than 2%. Things are set to change in 2022, however, and wages could increase by 1.8% during the year.

However, this figure remains well below the data recorded in 2019, when the study estimated the average increase at 2.5%. It reflects both the caution of employers scalded by the “stop and go” of the national economy and their difficulties in recruiting new people.

Those who stand to benefit the most are IT, digital or healthcare workers. It is mainly men who will be privileged, women working, according to the study, in sectors (services, shops, restaurants …) more affected by the pandemic, which has severely limited or even stopped their professional progression.

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