If there is a recurring topic of discussion for years in the NBA world, it is about who is the best player in history, with two large groups usually facing each other. Those who defend the candidacy of Michael Jordan and those who do it with that of Lebron James. Normally the first group is made up of older people, while the second is aimed at more people of the new generations. Things from the time that each one of them had to live.

Just there put the accent Dwyane Wade when asked about this issue a few days ago in a talk on a YouTube channel. Apart from talking about many other things, some of them not even related to basketball, the former player was asked a question that seems inevitable: “Who do you think is the best player in history?” His answer was not one more, considering the baggage he has had with LeBron, one of the great candidates for that unofficial title. But Wade went in an unexpected and rather interesting direction to address this debate.

These GOAT (Greatest Of All Time / Best of all time), These names that we launch will not be the only ones we will see. The game keeps moving onWe will continue to see things that we have never seen before And the beholder’s eyes will get younger and younger. Now it’s going to be the younger generation that is going to have this conversation and they will forget about Jordan like we forget about Kareem.

Wade bringing up the name of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, someone who the vast majority place in the historical top-5, but very few consider him number one anymore. Surely the same thing that started to happen years ago with Wilt Chamberlain, for example. Will the same thing happen with Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Time will tell.


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