Volleyball World Cup 2022: what does Argentina need to qualify for the 8th final?

The Argentine volleyball team fell 3 to 2 against Netherlands at the Arena Stožice in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the second date of group F of the Volleyball World Cup 2022 and complicated their classification to the round of 16. What do they need to get into the top 16.

After a debut in which he fell 3 to 2 against Iran —25-22; 28-30, 18-25, 34-32 and 19-21—, the Argentine volleyball team lost by the same result —28-30, 20-25, 25-21, 27-25 and 15-9— despite of having been 2 to 0 above. In this way, those led by Marcelo Méndez…

What has to happen for Argentina to qualify for the round of 16 of the 2022 Volleyball World Cup

The top two from each group will advance to the round of 16, as will the top four third-place finishers. After their defeat against the Netherlands, Argentina will not be able to achieve second place and will aspire to qualify as one of the best third.

It should be remembered that when a team wins 3-0 or 3-1 they add 3 points, but when the tiebreak is reached 2 are added, and one for the loser. As Argentina fell 3 to 2 in both games, they add 2 units. Those led by Marcelo Méndez must beat Egypt without needing to reach the tiebreak: 3-0 or 3-1. In case that happened they would reach 5 points and there are only three other teams that can reach that line.

Despite losing their first two matches, Argentina still relies on itself to break into the top 16 teams at the World Cup. Hence the importance of having reached the tie-break in both games.

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Argentina squad list for the 2022 Volleyball World Cup

  • Luciano De Cecco
  • matias sanchez
  • Joaquin Gallego
  • Augustine Loser
  • Nicholas Zerba
  • Martin Ramos
  • Facundo Conte
  • Jan Martinez
  • Luciano Vicentin
  • Luciano Palonski
  • Ezekiel Palacios
  • Paul Kukartev
  • Bruno Lima
  • santiago danani

How did Argentina do in the men’s volleyball world championships?

The best World Cup result of the Argentine volleyball team was in the 1982 editionwhen he was host, in which achieved third place.

Brazil 1960: 11th place.

Italy 1978: 22nd.

Argentina 1982: 3rd.

France 1986: 7th.

Brazil 1990: 6th.

Greece 1994: 13th

.Japan 1998: 11th.

Argentina 2002: 6th.

Italy 2010: 9th.

Poland 2014: 11th.

Italy-Bulgaria 2018: 15th.

Which teams won the most men’s volleyball world championships

Russia: 6

Italy: 3

Brazil: 3

Poland: 3

Czech Republic: 2

Germany: 1

United States: 1

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