At least one person has died due to an eruption of the active volcano Semeru on the Indonesian island of Java. At least 41 people have been injured, officials said.

Thick black clouds with ash and gases come out of the volcano. Lava also flows from the volcano. Many people in the area have fled and hundreds of people have been taken to shelters as a precaution.

The volcano has erupted due to thunderstorms and heavy rains in recent days, according to the head of Indonesia’s Geological Research Center, which has also caused flooding. People are being urged to stay at least 5 kilometers away from the crater.

Thick layer of mud

The ash from the volcano, combined with the lava and the rain, has led to a thick layer of mud. According to the authorities, two bridges and several houses were destroyed as a result. The fatal victim succumbed to severe burns. 41 others also suffered burns. Several people are still missing, including some miners.

The nearly 3,700-high volcano has erupted several times in the past year. Indonesia is located in the so-called ‘Ring of Fire’, an area where there are many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.


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