Vokswagen will update Android Automotive for the “lifetime” of the car (15 years)

Android is spreading more and more into car infotainment systems. Google’s vehicle operating system, Android Automotive, is already present in cars from General Motors, Polestar, Volvo, Honda and, soon, both BMW and the Volkswagen Group.

One perennial issue that accompanied the spread of Android Automotive was support. The useful life of a car is much longer than that of a smartphone, especially if it is Android.

Considering that infotainment systems are now an integral part of running a car, How long can we reasonably expect these infotainment systems to be supported?

Until now, the support record for an Android smartphone is held by Fairphone, which has been receiving updates for seven years. However, a car can last for many years.

Dirk Hilgenberg, managing director of CARIAD, the software division of the Volkswagen Group, affirms what they offer “lifetime support”. The question is obvious: how long is “for life”?

«Fifteen years after the service, and an extra option for brands that want to have even more time; You know, we have to guarantee the possibility of updating in all legal aspects»Hilgenberg said.

CARIAD will provide ongoing support, “Especially when it comes to cybersecurity and legal aspects, this can already be seen. Now that we do updates and releases, whether in China, the United States or Europe, we take very cautious measures. At the Volkswagen group, safety is paramount and we see this as an opportunity to differentiate ourselves.”

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