Vodafone and MEO follow in the footsteps of NOS with an offer for new customers

We recently reported that NOS stood out from the competition with an irresistible offer for new customers. It announced that it would offer unlimited mobile data until the end of the year to all customers with new billing cards.

This offer was for new cards associated with postpaid mobile rates or NOS 4 packages (either new NOS 4 customers or current customers with new cards) with unlimited mobile data until December 31.

Vodafone and MEO with unlimited mobile data until December 31 for new postpaid cards

Now Vodafone and MEO announce that they will have a similar offer. Consulting the official Vodafone website, it says that you will also have unlimited mobile data until December 31.

Credit: Vodafone

Like the competition, Vodafone claims that this offer is valid for new postpaid cards. This is valid, for example, when contracting a new fixed service and adding a mobile phone, or when adding new mobile phone cards to a fixed service already contracted.

The same applies to MEO, which announces unlimited data until the end of the year when subscribing to a mobile phone package or postpaid mobile tariff. Which means that you can have this offer in packages like the M4, or in the M Móvel.


For more details about these offers, you should check the official websites of NOS, MEO and Vodafone. As usual in this type of campaign, it was a matter of time before the rivals of the first operator to go ahead with the campaign repeated the same thing.

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