Vlogger ViviendoEnLaCalle’s Return to Driving After License Near-Revocation: “By Mistake or Thanks to God, They Didn’t Take Away My License”

Spanish Twitch Streamer Escapes Penalty for Repeated Traffic Offenses

A controversial Twitch streamer, known for his reckless driving and repeated traffic violations, has managed to escape punishment for his infractions.

The streamer, who has gained notoriety on Twitch Spain in recent times, finally obtained a car and a VTC driver’s license after much effort. However, his newfound freedom behind the wheel was short-lived as many social media users accused him of frequently breaking traffic rules.

Controversy Escalates

When another content creator reported his violations to the authorities, the streamer was forced to return his license and ultimately lost his daily income as a VTC driver.

Undeterred, he decided to revert to his previous job as a delivery driver and began broadcasting his daily life on Twitch, including his daily bike rides and motorcycle tours. However, this newfound freedom came with its own set of controversy, as viewers once again accused him of violating traffic laws.

License Unaffected

In a recent update, the streamer revealed that he had received unexpected news: his driver’s license would not be taken away. According to the streamer, he will not be losing his license due to a fine, as the authorities deemed it not necessary to assign a regular driver. The fine will set him back approximately 600 euros, a significant expense, but ultimately preferable to the prospect of losing his license for two years.

Changes to Live Broadcasts

As a result of this news, the streamer has announced that he will no longer be engaging in his daily live broadcasts, but will instead continue creating content in the form of shorter videos. He has also taken the opportunity to thank his fans for their support and expressed gratitude for allowing him to reach where he is today.

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Despite the controversy surrounding his activities, it appears that the streamer has managed to dodge a significant blow to his career as a VTC driver.

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