Vlahovic did not want to sign for Atlético de Madrid

The Atletico Madrid was very determined to sign Dusan Vlahovic in the past transfer market since he was the forward he wanted Diego Simeone under his command to complete a dream offensive pair along with Luis Suarez. There was a lot of rumors about the offers made by the mattress team since it was said that they were willing to pay about 70 million euros to take over their hiring.

According to the player himself a ‘DAZN‘, at no time did he want to leave Fiorentina since his wish was to continue helping the club to achieve its goals, in addition, he considers that he can still grow as a’ viola ‘player and take a step further in his sports career, “I wanted to stay here since I believe that I can grow more as a player. I will return to score many goals and I will give assists and my departure will come when I have to. “

Many offers for him

Dusan Vlahovic has had many great offers throughout the summer since last year he was one of the best strikers in the Italian Serie A and many big clubs have set their eyes on him after knowing that he was staying for another year (at least ) in Fiorentina. At the moment this season he continues to burst goals since in the six official games he has played to date, he has managed to score five goals, his nose is one of the best in the major leagues and he is undoubtedly going to be a footballer who is going to give a lot to talk about and the Atletico Madrid he will be there to bid for him since in the sports direction they are ‘crazy’ about him.

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