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“Vladimir Putin is terminally ill and will die before the end of autumn”

“Vladimir Putin is terminally ill and will die before the end of autumn”

Vladimir Putin leads the designs of Russia with an iron fist. Since the invasion of Ukraine In February 2022, critical voices against the top Russian politician increased. He condemned the anti-war demonstrations and sent the prisoners to the front. The oligarchs who expressed their disagreement with the Kremlin tenant died under strange circumstances. Internal resistance is growing and one of the most commonly used weapons is to question their health.

Last January, the Russian historian and political analyst Valery Soloveypointed out that the Russian president was seriously ill and was being kept alive thanks to medical treatment by Westerners.

Solovey, who was a professor at Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), a school of Training for spies and diplomatsstated that he had contacts in the president’s closest circle who had informed him about Putin’s developments.

The theories about his fragile health have not stopped. It is true that the Russian president chooses very well which public events he attends, because he does not want to expose himself too much because of his obsession with the possibility of an attack, but every public appearance rather than putting an end to it put The rumors reinforce them. Every gesture he makes is analyzed down to the millimeter, looking for a symptom, looking for a sign of weakness. Terminal cancer, emergency surgeries in the West, problems with his legs, Parkinson’s, IV spots on his hands, extreme thinness, cough, nauseaplastic surgeries to give the image of a young and healthy person … There are many possible ailments of the Russian dictator, but the Kremlin has always maintained that its leader has iron health.

Solovey is convinced that Putin is suffering from an incurable disease, and if in January he predicted that he would die this year because “no cancer drug can work forever,” he now refines it a little and points out that this will not be the case with his delicate health condition allow him to live longer. Late autumn.

He said this during an interview on the Russian YouTube channel Khodorkovsky Live. Despite his public appearances in recent months Solovey insists he has been detained since early 2020 and that the one who really appears is his body double.

“Confirmation of his death will come very, very soon. Once this happens, we will know in a few hours.” There are too many interested parties, both outside and inside Russia, “To keep information like this secret,” he said. Although he did not reveal the illness he was suffering from, he ventured to guess that the illness will kill him “before the end of the fall.”

Earlier this week, a well-known Ukrainian plastic surgeon said: Dmytro SlösserHe gave an interview to the Turkish broadcaster Channel 24 TV, In it, he pointed out that what seemed like a crazy theory a few years ago is now a reality: “The fact that Putin has a doppelganger seemed like a conspiracy theory a year or two ago, now almost no one doubts it .”

Meanwhile, the Russian president continues his strategy of winning the war and seeking support. The last of his moves was to invite Kim Yong Un, the leader of North Korea, to his country, whom he received in the Kremlin and with whom he will discuss the world political order, the state of the war and the possibility of obtaining weapons to carry out the counteroffensive to stop the Ukrainian army … and nuclear weapons, one of the tools that Putin retains to contain the West and that Kim Yong Un has been testing in the Sea of ​​Japan in recent months.

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