Vladimir Putin castigates Europe and the world early in the morning

He speaks little, but when he speaks, we hear about him. This Wednesday morning, at an economic forum focused on Asia in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin took the floor to, as usual, threaten the Ukrainians and Westerners with all their might.

The Russian president denounced “the stubborn refusal of Western elites to see the facts” and “the elusive domination of the United States”. The reason ? A new series of sanctions launched by the allies of Ukraine against him. A brief overview of the morning annoyances of the head of the Kremlin, definitely irascible at coffee time.

A message for Westerners

It is “impossible” for Western countries to isolate Russia despite sanctions against Moscow which pose a “threat to the whole world”, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

“No matter how much some would like to isolate Russia, it is impossible to do so,” Putin said during this economic forum focused on Asia. The new coronavirus pandemic “has been replaced by new global challenges, which threaten the whole world. I mean the sanctions fever of the West,” he added.

Another for Ukraine

The Russian president also said on Wednesday that Ukrainian grain exports went mainly to European countries and not to poor countries, which poses a risk of “humanitarian catastrophe”.

“Almost all grain exported from Ukraine is sent not to developing and poorer countries, but to European Union countries,” Putin said.

But always a sweet word for these allies

The head of the Kremlin, however, hailed the “growing role” of the Asia Pacific region in world affairs, in contrast to a West that he depicted as on the decline.

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“The role of countries in the Asia Pacific region has grown significantly,” said Vladimir Putin during this forum in Vladivostok (Russian Far East), during which he was to meet with Asian leaders and senior officials.

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