Vizcaya celebrates the triumph of Pello Bilbao

Pello Bilbao has won the Tour and has placed fifth in the general classification. His father, Julen, has recounted that “we have seen him at home, in the living room, and we have been very moved. We have had a very busy afternoon, with many calls and visits. Tonight Andrea, his wife, will come to dinner with their daughter Martina and we will be calmer. The girl turned one year old on June 18. What we want is for her to recover from the effort as soon as possible and for her to continue in the race as normal ”. Julen and his wife, Elena, have another daughter. This is Jone, quite a traveling journalist who lives in Bilbao and who has also celebrated it for everything great.

Those who have also done it are his friends from the gang. People like Jon and Iván, who are also masseurs and with whom Pello counts every two by three. It is clear that all of them will prepare a great reception for him in Forua and Gernika as soon as he returns from the race. The Bilbao family is from Forua, a small town with its own town hall located 2.5 kms. from the Biscayan town. Pello now lives in Gernika, the head of the area. The roads that connect these towns and the surrounding ones are his main training places.

So have their German cousins. Markel and Nikan are the sons of Julen’s sister. They were born in German lands but now they move around Vizcaya. The Bahrain-Victorious runner has a great relationship with them. As with Lourdes, his daughter’s second cousin, who has a shop in the Álava town of Murgia, the Arlobi Winery. “We have opened a bottle of French champagne, we have taken some photos with his jersey and we have sent them to him immediately. He will answer us tonight, I’m sure. Some message will send us one hundred percent, ”she says.

“The champagne is Brut, Origine de Carbon, from the Reims area. Each bottle costs 130 euros but I am determined to open several to celebrate it”, added his partner, Mikel Murillo. “We knew that he was going to give everything to honor Gino Mader, I had it between my eyebrows. Seeing that there were several rivals, we were not very clear that he was superior to the sprint but he has achieved it because it is clear that this was his day, ”said Lourdes. She every two for three she goes out into the street and talks on the phone with her cousin Julen about the sensations on a historic afternoon. They see each other every week and Julen and Elena visit Lourdes every two by three. Everyone is happy because it is not for less.

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