Vivo registers the name iPOO (“iCACA” in Spanish) in China

Vivo received the great honor of the “iPOO” brand in China (“poop” in English means “poop”). We’re not sure what it will be used for, but now it’s from Vivo.

The iPOO brand was discovered by @stufflistings with details indicating that the brand covers computer and software products, including mobile phones, applications and games.

Vivo used to have a sub-brand of phones with a different single letter, iQOO. It is already an independent brand, but the cell phones it has launched stood out for being geared towards games.

Maybe Vivo is thinking about launching a new brand with this nameBut it doesn’t seem like a great idea from a marketing point of view if you plan to market it in Anglo-Saxon speaking countries.

Vivo applied for the brand for the first time in 2020, but it has only recently been granted, with a brand certificate issued on May 27th and a period of exclusive rights from April 21st.

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