Vitor Roque, the victim of FC Barcelona: They are looking for a new signing

The Brazilian striker’s arrival has been agreed for the next winter market, but due to the physical setback of one of Xavi’s best midfielders and some financial problems, they have to postpone the operation.

The bad news doesn’t stop at FC Barcelona and the latest one is related to the signing of Brazilian striker Vitor Roque. As most people know, the operation between the Barça team and Atlético Paranaense for the Rio star It has been closed since the beginning of this season. What is still pending and not yet known is the player’s arrival in Spain.

Everything seemed to indicate that Vitor Roque would end up at FC Barcelona around mid-January, right in the middle of the 2024 winter market. But due to some unforeseen events in the Barcelona squad, Coupled with a financial problem with no temporary solution, the South American striker’s arrival will have to be postponed until the summer window.

Vitor Roque Barcelona
Gavi’s injury changed Vitor Roque’s plan at FC Barcelona in 2023-24.

Gavi postpones Vitor Roque’s arrival at FC Barcelona

Last Sunday, midfielder Gavi had to leave the field due to injury during the Spanish national team’s game. Because of the gestures of pain, everyone predicted the worst, and indeed it was. Due to the physical setback, the Blaugrana team will be without the midfielder for the rest of the season. This means Xavi will have to look for other strengths for his core. De la Fuente sincerely apologized to the Barça team.

The Catalan club’s economy continues to have serious problems, so it will be difficult to cover the wage bill for the signing of Vitor Roque. With the signing of a midfielder to cover the loss of Gavi, the Brazilian’s plan has come to naught. So there is no other solution than to include the Rio striker until the 2024 summer window.

The other cause of the problem with Vitor Roque and his registration with FC Barcelona 2023-24

If Joan Laporta had enough financial flexibility, the Latin American attacker could be registered and at the same time sign a replacement for Gavi. However, since the economic reality of the Culé team is very different from the reality synonymous with monetary stability, the situation only allows one step. Unless Libero Football Finance has paid the stated capital.

The German company announced that it would take a percentage of the shares in Barca Studios, but there was still some money outstanding (40 kilos). The management of FC Barcelona suspects that the Teutonic company will not transfer the money soon. But if the capital injection came in January, Vitor Roque’s registration would be a fact.

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