The canary definitely hands over the spoon and wants to be important again in the team of his land

Vitolo I would have asked Getafe facilities to sign for the UD Las Palmas. The canary thought of the south of Madrid as the ideal place to show his football again. Rather thinking about the comfort of not changing residence than the convenience of soccer Getafe for its characteristics.

Play in the Getafe CF would allow you to continue living in Madrid, where his wife and children are comfortable and happy. However, a team that fights for such low levels is always difficult for players on the right foot. In fact, the season has started horrible for the interests of the Getafe, who was forced to change coach.

Athletic Vitolo
Vitolo can leave Getafe in the winter market

Vitolo disappears from the map

With Míchel Vitolo he did not have many options and when he started to play something, an inopportune injury came. The change of coach did not change the outlook for Vitolo either. In fact with Quique he has been up to 5 games out of the call without notifying any injury.

And it is that Quique is betting on a defensive team, very committed, that learns to compete. That is why other midfielders like Arambarri, Florentino Luis or Maksimovic have more options than Vitolo. The canary is neither there nor expected, that is why he is willing to do anything to get out of the current hell.

Vitolo wants to return to UD Las Palmas

A Vitolo who had offers from Valencia. Even more so with Bordalás, who has the canary among his favorites because he is a perfect type of player in his scheme. Now that he has sent Guedes as the second striker, he wanted Vitolo on the left wing to take advantage of that momentum that he showed at Sevilla.

But interest cooled and now there are no contacts. That is why Vitolo thinks of a return to UD Las Palmas. To fight for promotion in his hometown team, together with his friends Jonathan Viera and Jesé Rodríguez. Pepe Mel would be delighted with his return but it does not seem easy to fit in. Salary is a big drawback.


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