Dear Hector:

I am pleased to greet you, while referring to the content of your column "Baseball Miniatures" of the prestigious newspaper Listín Diario in its edition dated January 12, 2022, particularly with regard to some considerations that Mr. Tabaré Peña has made about the Lidom Disciplinary Commission, with whom I am not closely linked, but for who I have great respect and consideration for his personal career and for his relationship with my good friend Ysocrates Peña, who some time ago gave prestige to our Disciplinary Commission with his membership.

I feel liberated in front of you and everyone who knows me to prove that I am not prone to controversy or controversy, but in this case, coming from Mr. Tabaré Peña, I feel obliged to give an explanation in this regard. the judgments issued by him, which I understand seek a constructive interest.

The Lidom Disciplinary Commission, established in its statutes and regulated both by the regulations in force for the tournament, and by the regulations of said commission itself, which establishes its attribution competence, its procedure, the regime of infractions and sanctions, and its powers, remains in full force and is not "disappeared" as referred to in the comments that motivate this clarification, but on the contrary, as the statutes themselves mandate, it was restructured in our most recent Extraordinary Assembly of Associates in July 2021.

Together with the functions and powers of the Disciplinary Commission, Title X, article 53, of the Tournament Regulations, without detriment to what other statutory and regulatory texts provide in the same sense, establishes that "in case of recurrence or the serious nature of the infraction, the responsibility for sanctioning it will correspond to the president of the League…".

This is a power that, in very few cases, has been exercised by the president of the League, both in the 2020-2021 Tournament and in the current 2021-2022 Tournament, for a very simple reason: Most of the disciplinary situations that are presented have been, by their nature, those that are sanctioned by expulsion from the match by the referees and that carry an automatic fine of RD$5,000.00, which does not need to be controversial, discussed or deliberate. Other cases that for some reason have not merited expulsion or the consequent automatic fine have been the subject of reprimand or rectification advice, a power that also assists the presidency of the League.

The other few cases that have deserved some type of sanction and that are publicly known, have been of a serious nature, or due to their own factual circumstances or due to the risk of a possible precedent that affects the discipline of the League, for which in them the presidency of the League has exercised its disciplinary powers.

In another order, it is worth noting that the Lidom Disciplinary Commission can not only be empowered by the president of the League, by the Board of Directors or a director of the League, but can also be empowered ex officio, which constitutes, evidently, an important step forward towards transparency and democratization of the League, which constitute, without a doubt, an important part of the purpose of the current directive.

Very probably the question arises as to why during the last two tournaments there have been few or no cases referred to the Disciplinary Commission, a question that I would dare to answer, without fear of being wrong, as the result, on the one hand, of the institutional growth of the League and, on the other hand, of the maturity in the sense of responsibility of the actors of the game, directors, managers, technicians, communicators of the networks and very especially the players of the six franchises that have remained within the highest levels of behavior and conduct, so, as I said at the beginning, the faults have had no more consequences than a warning or an expulsion from the game and the automatic fine.

In this last aspect I must be fair and recognize the valuable contribution of the Federation of Players, the team captains and the president of said Federation, who is always pending and willing to give timely advice and call attention to the players, with the same vehemence and determination that it defends its rights and prerogatives.

Finally, dear Héctor, we have always heard that opinions in life will depend on the color of the glass through which you look at them. As president of Lidom, committed since before occupying that position with its institutional growth and with its corporate, democratic and transparent management, I feel great satisfaction at the degree of maturity of those involved in our tournaments, who have not made it necessary to take over or the self-empowerment of our Disciplinary Commission, as I also hope will happen in the future with those few cases that, due to their seriousness, have had to be known by the presidency of the League in obedience to the norms that regulate and govern it.

I thank you for the opportunity to express myself and I thank Mr. Tabaré Peña for his well-intentioned interest in these aspects that are so important for the League and for our professional baseball in general.

Very sincerely, Vitelio Mejía Ortiz.



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