Visma recital in a colossal Omloop conquering Tratnik

A victory that justifies an entire social career, a work in the shadows, often thankless, that is rarely rewarded. That’s what he has Jan Tratnik (34 years) with his conquest of Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, Starting signal for a classic season that couldn’t have started more excitingly. The Slovenian caused the surprise by overtaking the favorite group in the final kilometers and, alongside his stage at the 2020 Giro d’Italia, achieved the most prestigious success of his record. Nils Politt completed the podium (2.), surpassed by Tratnik in the last few meters, and a Wout van Aert (3rd), who took 5th place together with his teammate Christophe Laporte, rounded off another day of overwhelming Visma dominance.

Officially it does not enjoy the public recognition or prestige of being one of cycling’s monuments, but in essence Omloop offers many arguments for considering it as such. In total, 202 km, which includes more than ten sections of pavement and walls, some of which are also paved. A cocktail suitable for only the most adventurous spirits. Furthermore, professional development went as dreamed.

He took off from the start at a speed of a thousand miles per hour, and that obscured the leak that had formed from the start. Sooner rather than later they would be swallowed. With an average speed of almost 45 km/h, everything exploded into a thousand pieces with 132 km left to the finish line. With a Montonera was the trigger and a group of around 30 units was formed, in which a large number of the favorites were represented. Among those present were Van Aert, Pidcock, Laporte, Asgreen, Philipsen, Milan and De Lie. Others affected by the fall, such as Girmay and Lazkano, were not affected.

Script twist

As it was, the race situation did not ease until the end. Some moved to gain more distance. Others to hunt. However, there was too much cock in the leading group. And thanks to his superiority, including in numbers, Visma decided to separate the wheat from the chaff. The perpetrator, neither more nor less than Van Aert. There were still 52km left and the Belgian accelerated without batting an eyelid. In the wake of Wout, who, to make matters worse, had company from Laporte and Jorgenson Like squires, they could only hook Pidcock, De Lie, Skujins and Moscon, although the Italian raised the white flag a few minutes later.

The key fob remained, a I come through the Kapelmuur and the Bosberg, which traditionally decides the champion. On the kilometer-long approach, Visma, taking advantage of his numerical advantage, made a move that looked like a checkmate. Jorgenson jumped out of the top sextet and reached the Bosberg with a lead. There the large group of favorites, which had been in hunting mode for hours, surprisingly managed to make contact with Van Aert, Pidcock, Laporte, De Lie and Skujins. There was a regrouping and on the final cobblestone level the figure of Ivan García Cortina, who came from behind like a rocket and took the lead.

The one from Movistar could not create space and that was the case at that moment A change of perspective in which courage is lacking and in which doubt is abundant, in which a targeted attack is usually synonymous with success. Tratnik and Politt knew it. They appeared out of nowhere and were able to reach the finish line to fight for victory in a neck-and-neck sprint. Not even Lotto, who tried everything from behind to lead De Lie to victory, could catch her. The German was optimistic and the Slovenian, who was well protected behind the wheel, scored at exactly the right moment and took the win. Behind, Van Aert, the fastest man in the group sprint, completed the podium. Cycling remains the same. Visma rules.

Results of the 79th Omloop

1. Jan Tratnik (Visma) – 4h 31:27

2nd place Nils Politt (UAE) – 3″

3. Wout van Aert (Visma) – 8″

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