Home World Visiting all countries on one visa, important announcement of Gulf countries

Visiting all countries on one visa, important announcement of Gulf countries

Visiting all countries on one visa, important announcement of Gulf countries

A new Schengen-style visa is planned for GCC countries, allowing citizens from around the world to visit all countries on a single visa.

According to Khaleej Times, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are looking to introduce Schengen-style visas for tourists, which is expected to increase revenue and traffic for all countries in the region.

Speaking during the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, Bahrain’s Minister of Tourism, Fatima Al-Serafi, said ministerial-level discussions are underway among GCC countries on how to achieve a unified single visa.

“We are trying to make it happen sooner because we see that people flying from abroad to Europe usually spend their time in several countries instead of one country, so we have seen the value,” he said. It is not a single country but all countries, Bahrain has benefited from such initiatives along with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Fatima Al-Serafi says that we set a target of 8.3 million (8.3 million) tourists for 2022, but more than that, 9.9 million (9.9 million) tourists visited, because we have reached the UAE and other GCC markets. Together, they boosted Bahrain’s tourism market, resulting in increased visitor numbers.

He said that when we made a common plan through more than 100 tour operators, the number of tourists also increased.

Abdullah Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Economy, said during the panel discussion that all GCC countries believe that the tourism sector is very important for the development of their economies, we have a common market and unified policies. .

He said that the GCC can benefit from both supply and demand aspects through unified regulations, policies and procedures to facilitate growth in the tourism sector, which will gradually increase with the increasing flow of people into the GCC. Getting smooth.

Al-Saleh added that GCC countries believe that if they provide a good experience for tourists coming to the region, especially long-haul tourists, they should visit all of these countries instead of visiting one country. Will create a program.

The UAE minister says that tourists will be more than happy to visit multiple countries without restrictions, with the convenience of cross-border travel on a joint package to visit different countries in the GCC.

On this occasion, Fahad Hamiduddin, CEO of Saudi Tourism Authority, said that these days travelers do not think of a country but of a region, I believe that the travelers of tomorrow will always see multiple stops, routes and areas.

He said that Saudi Arabia benefited greatly from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and it shows that joint offers can be promoted and benefit everyone.

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