Virtual reality does not generate much enthusiasm when shopping online

The virtual reality It was presented to us as the new era in the world of video games, entertainment and online shopping. So far, this technology has not sufficiently impressed new generations.

Although buying online has its advantages, the main problem is that despite the pictures and reviews available, we don’t really know what the item will look like until it arrives at your home. In this regard, virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality could facilitate the visualization and interaction with the products they want to purchase before the transaction. For example, give the opportunity to see how the products would look in the real context of a room.

China is at the forefront of VR craze for online shopping

Still, the disappointment is that customers do not physically know the object they see with this technology. For this reason, enthusiasm for the benefits that virtual reality could offer when shopping online is not entirely enticing among users and depends on the country, the macro survey says. Statista Consumer Insights.

China is at the top of the rankings: 21% of those surveyed are happy about the use of virtual and augmented reality when shopping online.. France, Brazil, Mexico and the United States follow with 17% enthusiasm. Spain and South Korea, on the other hand, are at the bottom of the list with 14% and 7% respectively, suggesting that these countries are less enthusiastic about virtual shopping experiences.

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