Virat Kohli: King Kohli sent a message, created a panic on social media

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Virat Kohli’s Instagram Story


  • Former captain Virat Kohli posted a story on Instagram
  • On Sunday night he also told the media about the heart.

Virat Kohli’s Instagram: The former captain of India, Virat Kohli, is again in discussion. In the 2022 Asian Cup, it seems that Virat Kohli’s form is back, in the three games he has played so far, he has hit amazingly. It’s one thing for Virat Kohli to be in the headlines, but at the same time, Virat Kohli is in the news for something else. Virat Kohli spoke to the media a day earlier after the loss to Pakistan and he spoke from the heart. Now that there is a match between India and Sri Lanka, before this, ex-captain Kohli has put a new story on his Instagram. In a short time this story became viral on social networks and people are interpreting it his way.

What Virat Kohli wrote on Instagram

Virat Kohli has written that whoever is happy in your happiness and sad in your sorrow, those people should be recognized. Such people make a different place in your heart. After this story comes from Virat Kohli, people are understanding its meaning. Since this story can not be commented or commented, it is not known what people think about it, maybe Virat Kohli would not want people to give their opinion about this, so he put it in the story that he has posted.

kohli insta story


kohli insta story

While speaking to the media, he took the name MS Dhoni.

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You must remember that while speaking to the media on Sunday night, Virat Kohli had made it clear that when he left the test captaincy in January, he did not receive any messages from any team-mate except MS Dhoni. He had said that many people have my number and many people come and suggest me on TV. He also said that I don’t want anything from MS Dhoni and he doesn’t want anything from me. Kohli said that if I want to help someone, I will personally contact him. He said that I see everything honestly.

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