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Virat Kohli RCB IPL 2023 : Virat Kohli, former captain of Team India and RCB in IPL, is currently in tremendous form. He has done that job in IPL, which is not easy for anyone. Not even a century comes in the IPL and Virat Kohli has created a riot by scoring two centuries in a row. In the IPL, he has now joined the list of select players to have scored two consecutive centuries, while he has also broken Chris Gayle’s record for most centuries in the IPL. Meanwhile these things were being said continuously that Virat Kohli will now play in IPL but it looks like he will not be able to play Team India T20 International cricket but now Kohli has rejected those things and also the image. clear.

Virat Kohli scored two consecutive centuries in IPL, RCB team out of playoffs after losing

In IPL 2023, the match was played between RCB and Gujarat Titans on Sunday. If the RCB team had won in this, it was certain that they would have entered the playoffs, but GT has dashed their hopes somehow by winning the match. RCB is the only team that has reached the playoffs for the last three consecutive seasons, but the dream of the title has not yet been fulfilled. Now he is out of the playoff itself. As he finished an innings during the match, Virat Kohli said that many people think my T20 cricket is ending now but I don’t think so at all. I feel like I’m playing my best T20 cricket again. I’m just having fun. This is how I play T20 cricket. Virat Kohli said that he wants to hit in the gaps. I want to go to a lot of limits and if I have the opportunity, I want to go to a big limit at the end. Kohli said you have to read the situation and rise to the occasion when the situation calls for it. I feel great with my game right now and the way I’m hitting.

Virat Kohli at number three in terms of scoring the most runs in IPL 2023

Virat Kohli has not only scored two consecutive centuries this year, but he has also managed to score six half centuries. He currently occupies the number three position on the list of hitters who have scored the most runs this year. He has 639 runs in 14 matches. He is averaging 53.25 and has a strike rate of 139.82. From this one can understand how he was batting so far in this IPL but now his journey is over and the dream of the trophy has also been postponed for a year. Now this year the India team does not have to play any more T20 matches. This is the year of ODI World Cup, so only one more day matches will be played, in such a situation, your place in ODI cricket is confirmed, but T20 World Cup will be played only next year, that is, in 2024. It will be necessary to see if the selection committee of the BCCI and Team India gives him a place or not. Although the way Kohli’s form is going, it won’t be easy to get him out.

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