Goalkeeper Steve Sanón saved two penalties and Violette SC was proclaimed champion of the Flow Concacaf Tournament, defeating Cibao FC 4-3, in a match held on Sunday night at the stadium of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra.

A total of 120 minutes were not enough to score a goal, so it had to be defined on penalties.

Juan David Díaz scored the first for Cibao and Steeven Sabá did the same for Violette for 1-1, the homeowners got back in front with a penalty charged by Chales Herold, but the Haitians equalized with Elyvens Dejean’s shoe for 2-2 .

Jean Carlos López kicked with precision to put the orange eleventh in front 3-2, but Jean Fabrice Vedrine leveled it 3-3.

Then came the hero Steve Sanón put in his left foot and stopped Erick Japa’s shot, which was not spared by Shelove Archeluz to put the visitors ahead 4-3.

[10:59 p. m., 22/5/2022] Hector Cruz: Carlos Heredia had the task of shooting the fifth penalty for Cibao FC and Sanón kept the ball between his arms to sentence the match.

The Dominican Republic, Santiago de los Caballeros and Cibao FC as host, perfectly fulfilled the responsibility that Concacaf gave them for staging the event.

The Haitian team endured for 71 of the 90 regulation minutes with one less player and went to the two 15-minute extensions, with that numerical disadvantage.

The golden goal didn’t come in both overtime, leaving it all in the gloved hands of goalkeepers and five kickers from each club from 11 feet apart.

The stands of the Cibao FC stadium were filled to the brim with an immense number of orange partials, but the Haitian neighbors were not far behind and took over many seats of the modern and comfortable bombonera.

In the 19th minute, with a foul by Renato Lambert on Julio César Murillo, Violette was left with 10 men, but goalkeeper Steven Sanón debited Charles Herold Jr.’s penalty to keep the score 0-0.

In the 38th minute it seemed that the hosts would break the ice, when Colombian Juan David Díaz sent a set piece to the center, where his compatriot Dairin González headed the ball into the back of the net, but the goal was disallowed.

Thus ended the first half without the presence of “Mr. Goal” and both clubs went to rest 0-0.

For additional time, the eleventh player from Cibao FC put Welkin Luis on the field and sent Oscar Florencio to the dressing rooms.

For the 59th minute there was another substitution for the hosts, when the Uruguayan Christian Alba came on for Yohan Parra.

For the 10th and final game of Flow Concacaf, Cibao FC left the proven international and team Captain Miguel Lloyd in charge of the goal.

The Argentine Jorge Alfonso, Technical Director also put in the starting eleventh the Colombian trident of Julio César Murillo, Dairin González and Juan David Díaz, the Haitian Charles Herold Jr., with the task of playing against his country of birth.

The Dominicans on the court completed Oscar Florencio, Ismael “Pinta” Díaz, Yohan Parra, Erick Japa, Adrian Salcedo and Jean Carlos López.


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