Violent thefts of luxury watches are on the rise

Theft of luxury watches is on the rise. They are experiencing a 17% increase this year compared to last year. The thieves do not hesitate to strangle their victim to recover the precious object.

Arsène Lupine may well have hit Netflix, gentleman burglars are rare. On the contrary, France is experiencing an upsurge in very violent thefts of luxury watches. The method is well established and sends Maurice Leblanc back to his dear studies: no stealing, but immobilization by several people, often with the use of a choke key. The attackers are usually several and watch the street in search of a prestigious bracelet. They strike when the victim is alone.

The advantage of the practice is to know in advance the value of the loot, unlike the burglary, but also to simplify the logistics chain. The watches can be resold within the hour for sums of up to tens of thousands of euros. Enough to attract younger and younger individuals.

To elucidate these thefts of luxury watches, around thirty police officers were mobilized in Paris and in the inner suburbs. They form the “watch brigade”, as delinquents call them, and they have a lot to do: ten minutes after the fact, it is often too late.

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