Violence in football: brutal attack by River fans on Defense and Justice buses

River fans savagely attacked buses carrying supporters of Defense and Justice at the exit of the stadium, in Chaco, after the match for the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup.

In the images, which went viral on social networks, it is seen how people from the Millionaire carried out an ambush and later attacked with stones at least one of the nine buses that undertook the return to Florencio Varela.

In the transport there were older people and women who desperately asked the driver to speed up and get out of that fire zone. In addition, it is also seen in another video, recorded moments later, in which hundreds of trained police officers are seen, completely unaware of the attack that had just occurred.

According to reports, no injuries were reported after the attack and there is no record of arrests for the incidents that could have ended in misfortune.

This act of violence was not the only one on Wednesday, since in the match between Banfield and Gimnasia de Jujuy for the Copa Argentina, at the Instituto de Córdoba stadium, 14 Drill fans were arrested.

The event left at least five injured police officers as a result, they occurred when the uniformed men were accompanying the groups that were transporting the supporters to leave the city and enter the route to Buenos Aires.

There, some sympathizers broke the security cordon and attacked the troops, also causing several damages to police mobiles.

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