Vinicius Tobias has room

Vinicius Tobias has room

The injury of Lucas Vazquez and physical problems Carvajal, evident in the final of the Super Cup against Barcelona, ​​they are going to accelerate one of the decisions that Real Madrid has in hand, whether or not to stay with Vinicius Tobiasthe two 18-year-old Brazilian on loan to Castilla from Shakhtar. The club has been working with the idea of ​​keeping him since June when his 16-month loan will end, due to his good projection and because he received a positive feedback by Ancelotti when he had him with the first team in the last preseason. In fact, the Italian He used him in the friendly against América de México in San Francisco.


Raúl is also delighted with his performance in the subsidiary, where he leaves traces of a footballer for whom the First RFEF is too small. Vinicius is one of the key players on whom the Seven He is establishing this Castilla fully involved in promotion to the Second Division.

Madrid will have to come to an agreement with Shakhtar because although there is a purchase clause with bonusthe peculiar situation of Shakhtar due to the war has forced it to sell most of its foreigners and with Vinicius Tobias it would be an immediate capital gain. The Brazilian barely lived in kyiv for a few weeks until the Russian invasion began and he went on loan to Madrid.

Vinicius Tobias, in a Real Madrid pre-season training session in Los Angeles.


Vinicius Tobias, in a Real Madrid pre-season training session in Los Angeles.JAVIER GANDULACE DAILY

Looking ahead, the white club maneuvered with Vinicius Tobias keeping an eye on the calendar. Now he has solved the essential bureaucratic question to be able to register him in the first team: the new passports of Vinicius, Militao and Rodrygo the three non-EU places are released. If the signing is finally completed, one of them will be for the young side.


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