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Vinicius, the dribble of Europe

If there is one characteristic in which Vinicius is a master, it is dribbling and this season he is more inspired than ever. The Brazilian, spurred on by Ancelotti’s playful and offensive style of play, is being able to make the most of his situations against one or two rivals on the right wing. In addition, he has added a variety of resources that allow him to go to either side, and not just to the bottom line as happened in his first games in Madrid.

The numbers are final. In LaLiga, the former Flamengo is together with Betic Fekir the player who has completed the most dribbles in the first eight days according to Opta data: 25. They follow closely Javi Prince (Celtic) with 23 and Yannick Carrasco (Atlético de Madrid) with 21. Vinicius’s best match in the feint was against Betis, when he completed seven. He did five against Celta and four against Mallorca.

His ability to eliminate rivals is not only in Spain, and it is also easily done in Europe. In fact, is the top dribbler in the Champions League after the first two days with 16. The social networks of the competition have published the ranking with the white soccer player in the highest, followed by Neymar (13), Musiala (12), Mbappe (11 and Danjuma (10).

Last year, with Zidane, he gained presence. However, it was with Ancelotti that he became a fixture. Except for the first two games against Alavés and Levante, who came in from the bench, he has started the other eight, completing the 90 minutes in five. In total, he already has 743 minutes of play. In that time he has helped the team with five goals and four assists, in addition to his 36 dribbles.

You will have to be careful with his physique: a very demanding season is coming for him. Now, He has gone to Brazil with the national team, where every day is more important, three games await him in less than two weeks and with long trips in between. It is about a footballer who takes care of his physique to the millimeter both in the Sports City and at home, but the level of wear is remarkable and injuries in the white team are the order of the day. If he resists, he will finish the course as one of the players most used by the coach.

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