Vinicius publishes a video with racist insults and calls for it to be criminalized

The Brazilian Vinícius Junior published a video on his networks on Monday showing racist insults in stadiums such as Mestalla, the Metropolitan, the Camp Nou, José Zorrilla and Son Moix, together with a message in which he asked that he be criminalized, asking “until when?” and he remembers that “racism is a crime”.

Checked. Every day away from home brings an unpleasant surprise. And this season there were many. Death wishes, hanging doll, many criminal screams… All recorded, “she denounces.

“But the discourse always falls on “isolated cases”, “an amateur”. No, they are not isolated cases. They are continuous episodes spread across several cities in Spain (and even on a television program).

The evidence is there, in the video. Now I ask you: How many of these racists had their names and photos posted on web pages? I answer to make it easier: zero. None to tell a sad story or apologize publicly,” she adds.

In the video there are scenes from Mestalla in which they call him a “monkey” when he enters the stadium and from various points in the stands before the incident, as well as those that happened in one of the accesses of the Metropolitan before the derbya cry of “black bastard” and “black shit” when he retired by the band in Pucela along with the guttural sound of several fans.

Also a chant “Vinícius die” at the Camp Nou or the cry “go pick bananas!” in Mestalla, in addition to showing the doll painted black hanging from a bridge in Madrid with his shirt. “Until when?”, asks the Brazilian player at the end of the video in letters on black. “Racism is a crime.”

Vinícius asked for a strong hand. “What is missing to criminalize these people? And punish the clubs sportingly? Why don’t sponsors charge La Liga? Don’t television stations bother to broadcast this barbarism every weekend? The problem is very serious and press releases are no longer useful. Blaming to justify criminal acts either. It’s not football, it’s inhumane,” he said.

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