Vinicius, colossus at the Coliseum


Vinicius, Rodrygo and Valverde are among the ten best-performing LaLiga players ranked second, sixth and eighth, respectively, according to artificial intelligence data collected by Olocip. The first already led that ranking last season, but the second finished the course 85th and the third, 191st. That leap of footballers who once arrived to complete their training at Castilla they have helped to dose the natural leaders of Madrid, Benzema and Modric. Ancelotti will give the former a rest today against Getafe (21:00, M+ LaLiga) and the second will return after two absent games, although he will not play the 90 ‘. Actually, he hasn’t completed a clash so far this season.

One week before the Clásico, and with a trip to Warsaw to face Shakhtar in between, everything points to a rotation in Madrid, which in any case will not be extreme. First, because in Getafe there are recent setbacks (white defeat by 1-0 last year without Vinicius)and second, because there is not much to choose from: Lunin and Ceballos are injured, with muscular fatigue Benzema and out of wave Hazard, Mariano, Odriozola and Vallejo. So Ancelotti will play little. Perhaps Lucas Vázquez (who returns after injury) for Carvajal and Rüdiger or Nacho by Alaba behind. In the middle, it is not ruled out that Kroos rests, that his place is occupied by Valverde and that a possibility opens up for Asensio, who has only played 73 minutes spread over six games and has not been a starter in any of them. Last year he was in the starting eleven in 23 of his 42 games. The regression is more than remarkable.

brazilian attack

Next to him is waiting Rodrygo and Vinicius, who add eleven goals and seven assistsdata that reveals that now there are no more important players in the team, especially the second. Madrid launches 47% of its attacks in the League from the left compared to 28% from the center and 26% from the right. Vinicius has ended up taking the team to his field from his radical football: no one scores more, no one launches more attacks, no one adds more dribbles and, at the same time, no one loses more balls or misses more passes. Everything in it is high risk.

Rodrygo, during the warm-up for Madrid's last league match, against Osasuna.


Rodrygo, during the warm-up for Madrid’s last league match, against Osasuna.JAVIER SORIANOGetty

Getafe is at the other extreme, that of austerity. It is the team with the least First Division possession (39%), the one that makes the fewest passes per game (333), the one that dribbles the least and the one that recovers the fewest balls. His strength is in set pieces and in his ability to minimize losses. However, he has not been able to close his goal. Only bottom side Elche has conceded more goals. This subject is also pending for Madrid, which in this League has not left any rival to zero. Courtois, last year, did it 16 times in 36 games. “There we have to be more attentive, because it is one of the keys to the team,” Ancelotti recalled yesterday.

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Mile’s time

Quique has accumulated all the setbacks in the midfield. The two main midfielders will probably be missing, Arambarri and Maksimovic, and that gives you opportunity to make his debut as a starter for Luis Milla, one of those cases of late explosion. He went through the academies of Majadahonda, Rayo and Atlético and then traveled a long way in second-line football: Alcorcón, Guijuelo (where he suffered a serious injury), Fuenlabrada and Tenerife. He made his debut in the First Division when he was almost 26 years old, in Diego Martínez’s Granada. “I had the feeling that I was late. But I did it by taking the steps that I had to take and with the maturity that I should have, ”she assured in an interview with Efe. This summer he suffered a muscle injury that prevented him from making his debut until matchday six. And at his premiere, against Osasuna, he ended up expelled.

Borgia Mayoral.


Borgia Mayoral.JAVIER GANDULJournalAS

The other focus of the match will be on Borja Mayoral, who was on trial at Madrid all summer and ended up accepting a transfer to Getafe. “Instability began to weigh on me. I wanted to settle down after so many assignments, ”she explained then. Diabetic since he was four years old, he arrived in Madrid at the age of 10, in pre-benjamin age, despite the fact that his older brother was in the Atlético youth academy. When he made his debut for the white team, he had scored 22 goals in youth C, 54 in youth B, 61 in youth A and 11 in Castilla. A matador who, like so many others (Portillo, Negredo, Soldier…), did not find stability in the first team: “Being in the quarry does not guarantee it. Only the best get there,” he says. Thus, he went on loan to Wolfsburg, Levante and Rome. In Italy he scored 17 goals in his first campaign. In the second Mourinho preferred those who signed him. He arrived at Getafe in the last winter market, he scored six goals and convinced. Today he will play his fourth game against Madrid. With Levante he already scored a goal and was also in the azulón triumph last year at the Coliseum. Ancelotti’s team knows what they have in front of them.



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